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International Universities

Are you thinking about studying at an overseas University? This can be a difficult process however, do not let this put you off! There is a lot of information and support out there for you if you know where to look. Below are some useful links to help with your research –

  • Check out the IB Guide to see what is required when applying for a university in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Hing Kong, The Netherlands and Ausralia.
  • If you want to study in the USA  check out Education USA website. Education USA is an education advice group that operates out of the US Embassy in Wellington (Ron Mitchell – and the consulate in Auckland (Katie Sleeman – They offer free advice to students and help students learn about and navigate the whole research process. Education USA recommend a great search engine / database- BigFutures.  This site is run by the US College Board and helps you find the right college for you! It also has a range of other useful links from college life to career guidance.
  • A kiwi based agent – Jess Pullar – from USA Sports Direct,  can help you in your application for sports scholarships in the USA.
  • To help choose a University in UK check out
  • If you would like a taste of overseas study you can go on a summer school taster course or a university tour course during the July holidays with organisations in the UK  or USA such as Oxbridge Academic, Oxford Royale Academy.
  • SAT system and practice: Khan Academy
  • How is NCEA recognised in different countries? Find out here –
  • For information about sitting SATs please go to

The Careers Centre also has some material available from universities around the world.

Also keep a close eye on the News & Events pages on this website, the Cashmere High School Careers Centre Instagram Page for information sessions by visiting overseas universities.


International Students studying in New Zealand

Many NZ and overseas universities have scholarships available specifically for international students, so be sure to check these out.  If you need helping finding out information about courses, international tuition fees, etc, please come to the Careers Centre and we can help you with your research. 

New Zealand International Student Scholarships: